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[Translation FAQ]

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Q 1.
What are your specialized fields?
A 1.
We specialize in all fields required for business.
We are particularly experienced and proficient in the translation of highly technical documentation required for job sites and for PR activities.
Click here for details of our past successes and areas of expertise.
Past Successes, Expertise

Q 2.
What languages can you handle?
A 2 .
We handle English, Chinese, and all other major languages (approx. 70 official languages).

Q 3.
Can you translate from one foreign language into another foreign language? (e.g., English to Chinese)
A 3. Yes, we can.

Q 4 .
What languages do you specialize in?
A 4.
We specialize in all major languages (official languages), and there are no languages which we specialize in particularly.
Most of the translation requests we receive are for English and Chinese, but we also deal frequently with Korean and European languages, all of which we are held in high regard for due to our reasonable prices and high quality.

Q 5.
Could you tell me about your past successes?
A 5.
Click here for details of our past successes.
Past Successes

Q 6 .
Can you handle printing and binding in addition to translation?
A 6.
Yes, we can.
We handle all required formats. If you require a block copy, we will quote you based on the requirement specifications of the printing company. We also deal with content for data media (CD, DVD, BD).

Q 7.
Can you also create web pages for translations?
A 7.
Yes, we can.
Web pages are created by our website creation department.
We have 11 years of experience (as of 2011) in the creation of foreign language and multiple-language sites.

Q 8 .
Can you develop iPad applications together with translations?
A 8.
Yes, we can.
We develop iOS applications for both the iPhone and iPad to turn your company’s ideas into reality.
Have a look at some samples to see our past success in developing applications for iOS.

Q 9 .
Can you also translate words and sentences embedded in images? Can you edit images while doing so?
A 9.
Yes, we can.
We also edit images.
We use graphics/image editing softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Fireworks.
We handle translation of bitmap screens and send you bitmaps containing the final translation.

Q 10 .
Can you handle hand-written translations or translation of printed documents if I don’t have the original data?
A 10.
We handle all data formats.

Q 11.
Can you translate drawings for which no data exists (hand-written or printed drawings, scanned PDFs)?
Can you also create data for such drawings?
A 11.
Yes, we can.
We can create data for drawings or trace drawings. We deliver the finished jobs in the desired format.

Q 12.
Some revisions have been made to a previous translation and I would like the revised section translated using the terminology in the older version. Is this possible?
A 12.
By comparing the old and revised versions, we are able to determine the changes and translate only this section.
By letting us know that you only wish certain sections to be translated, you will not be invoiced for the use of existing translations. The fee for the job will be cheaper by the amount of the existing translation, rather than requesting that documents be translated from scratch. (There may be cases, however, when separate fees are required for the use of existing translated parts that have not been translated by Initiate.)

Q 13 .
The old version was translated by another company, but can you use that translation data to translate the revised version?
A 13.
Yes, we can.
We may not, however, be able to handle jobs if the original translation is of poor quality. There may be cases where we recommend retranslating the existing material.

Q 14.
Can you handle translations even when I’m overseas on business?
A 14.
We can handle translations from anywhere in the world.

Q 15 .
Do you keep the customer informed of the translation job progress?
A 15.
Updates are provided as and when requested.

Q 16 .
What data formats do you support?
A 16.
In addition to all software file formats for Microsoft and Adobe (including Macromedia) products, we also handle documents created in Quark Xpress (Quark), AutoCAD LT (AutoDesk) or the other PC software file formats.

Q 17.
What happens if documents are revised halfway through translation?
A 17.
This will not be a problem, however, an additional fee may be required depending on how much of the work has already been completed. If such a situation is likely to occur, we ask that you notify us beforehand.

Q 18.
Can you use glossaries (e.g., J/E comparison tables, English department name lists) if so requested?
A 18.
Yes. We ask that any such reference material be provided when placing an order. It should be noted, however, that terminology may not be used if it is of poor quality.

Q 19.
Can you create glossaries (e.g., J/E comparison tables, English department name lists) after the translation is completed?
A 19.
Yes. (A separate estimate will be prepared.)

Q 20.
How are completed translation jobs submitted?
A 20.
Completed jobs are attached to e-mails. If required, however, they may be sent by post or fax.

Q 21.
What format (style) are completed jobs submitted in?
A 21.
Jobs are generally submitted in the format acceptable in the applicable country or in the same format as the original document.

Q 22 .
Can you submit completed jobs in AutoCAD or FrameMaker?
A 22.
Yes, we can.

Q 23 .
Once a job has been submitted, can you check the translation on site (using actual equipment)?
A 23.
Yes, we can.
Depending on the situation, the translator in charge of the translation job may be dispatched if required.

Q 24 .
Can you provide profiles of translators?
A 24.
Due to internal company regulations and legal provisions, we are unable to disclose such information. At Initiate, native translators of the target language are assigned to ensure the highest possible quality.

Q 25.
Are Japanese or native translators used?
A 25.
At Initiate, native translators of the target language are assigned to ensure the highest possible quality.

Q 26.
Can you manage completed translation jobs?
A 26.
Yes, we can.

Q 27 .
Can you manage TRADOS translation memories?
A 27.
Yes, we can.

Q 28 .
How much do you charge for translation?
A 28.
Translation rates are determined based on the language and content, and then final fees are calculated based on volume.
Estimates are provided free of charge for each job. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Q 29.
Are translation rates based on the number of characters or number of pages?
A 29.
Translation rates are based on the number of characters in the original document (before translation).
Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. 1 unit = 400 characters
English, European languages, etc. 1 unit = 150 words
* Translation rates are calculated in units.

Q 30 .
Do you charge for corrections after a job has been submitted?
A 30.
Corrections of any defects in submitted jobs are made free of charge at any time. Further translation will be required in the cases of any changes or corrections made to the original document, and therefore a separate charge will be required.
Please note that if any significant changes required following the submission of a job are anticipated before placing an order, please notify us at the estimate stage. By doing so, an estimate incorporating such changes can be prepared. This will ensure a more reasonable price than would be the case if requesting changes be made following the submission of a job.

Q 31 .
Are pages containing only drawings also charged as full pages?
A 31.
Translation fees are calculated based on the number of characters in the page. No fee will be charged for pages that do not contain any characters.

Q 32 .
Do translation fees differ based on the number of copies of the final translation that are submitted?
A 32.
Translation jobs are submitted in data form. A separate printing fee will be required for jobs submitted in printed form.
Please note that we also handle the binding of printed material.
Please notify us if the translated job is required in printed form.

Q 33 .
Can you visit my company to discuss an estimate?
A 33.
Yes, with pleasure.

Q 34 .
How is the original translation material submitted?
A 34.
Please submit by your preferred method such as e-mail, post, or fax.
Address: 2B, Nagoya ID Lab. 2, 2-15-19 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003, Japan
Fax: +81-52-231-8872

Q 35 .
How long does it take from the time the original material is submitted until I receive the completed translation?
A 35.
Submission guideline:
10-page manual: from approx. 3 days following receipt of material
10-page pamphlet: from approx. 5 days following receipt of material
10-page contract: from approx. 5 days following receipt of material
* We can be flexible on the above guidelines.
The length of translation time will differ in proportion to the number of characters, level of difficulty, and required technical level, and therefore we ask that you let us see the original document in order that we can provide an indication of how long the job will take when presenting our free estimate.

Q 36 .
In order to confirm the deadline, what information should we provide Initiate with?
A 36.
Please attach the original document to an e-mail and notify us of the following. (The document does not necessarily have to be complete.)
[About document]
Content (field, details of what is written, etc.), the purpose of the document following translation, by when the translation is required, etc.
[Document format]
• Total amount (number of pages), language, when we will receive the document, data style/format
• Which language the document is to be translated into, data style/format for completed translation, any work required after translation (printing, binding, etc.)

Q 37 .
Can you give us a deadline even without seeing the document?
A 37.
Yes, we can.
We can provide you with an approximate deadline based on the information known at that time (planned number of pages, approximate number of characters per page).

Q 38 .
Can deadlines be shortened (quick submission)?
A 38.
Yes, they can.
Translations are of course meaningless if you don’t have it, and therefore we always try our best to comply with the client’s wishes.
Please note, however, that is often difficult to shorten deadlines after an order has been placed.
(Workflows and schedules are prepared immediately following the receipt of an order in order to provide maximum performance based on the value of the order.)

Q 39.
Will an additional fee be required if the deadline is shortened after placing an order?
A 39.
If able to shorten the deadline for an additional payment, we will notify the client and obtain their approval before proceeding.

Q 40 .
Can you submit parts of the translation as they are completed?
A 40.
Yes, we can.
However, changes to the wording (terminology) may be required later for parts that have already been submitted.

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