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Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Initiate Inc. ("Company") understands that your use of the Company's corporate website ("Website") indicates your agreement to all of the following terms.

The Company may revise the terms of use ("Terms") from time to time without notice. In such cases, please note that the most recently revised Terms prevail.

The Company will pay careful attention to the accuracy of the information posted on this Website. However, the Company will in no event assume legal responsibility for any of the following.

  1. Accuracy, safeness and usefulness of all the information posted on and the function of this Website
  2. Maintenance of updated information
  3. Any and all damages resulting from the use of this Website
  4. Any and all damages resulting from the suspension of a server, any change in the posted information, or the stoppage/suspension of the provision of information, etc., without notice and for reasons of the Company's own

If accessing any websites via links from this Website, please confirm and abide by the rules or terms of use of such websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any products, services, technologies and information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Information") provided through this Website to visitors thereto ("Visitors") are protected by the Industrial Property Law, the Copyright Law and other laws relating to intellectual property rights. Visitors may use the Information for personal purposes only. The use of the Information for purposes other than the abovementioned personal purposes, including, without limitation, the reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer and rendition (the same shall apply hereinafter), is required to be explicitly approved by the Company.
"Intellectual property rights" means any patents, model utility rights, breeder's rights, design rights, trademark rights, and any other rights provided for by the laws and regulations of Japan in connection with intellectual properties or other rights related to legally protected interests.

The trade name, trademarks and emblems of the Company used on this Website are protected by the Trademark Law, the Act against Unfair Competition and other laws, none of which may be used without explicit approval of the Company.

Prohibited Activities

The Visitors are prohibited from performing the following activities.

  1. Violation of the industrial property rights, copyrights and other property rights of any third party or the Company
  2. Slander, defamation or threats against any third party or the Company
  3. Any activity which is or could be disadvantageous or harmful to any third party or the Company
  4. Any activity which could prejudice the reputation of the Company or this Website
  5. Any activity for business or other profit-making purposes
  6. Any activity offensive to public order and morals, including, but not limited to, obscene and blasphemous behavior or statements
  7. Use or provision or threatened use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, etc. which are hazardous to the Company and society
  8. Any activity which is or could be in violation of laws and regulations
  9. In addition to the preceding sections, any activity which violates these Terms and is or could be hazardous to the business of the Company or any third party.

Provision of Information by the Visitors

The Company is not entitled to receive from the Visitors any information in their possession, unless the Company separately asks the Visitors to this Website to provide confidential or other proprietary information belonging to the Visitors, including, but not limited to, ideas relating to their technology, sales and products (hereinafter referred to as the "Information in the Visitors' Possession") the title to which belongs to them.

If the Visitors provide the Company with the Information in the Visitors' Possession without the Company's express declaration that the obligation to keep it in confidence be assumed by the Company, and also without the Company's agreement to such provision, the Company shall undertake no obligation to keep in confidence, use, assess and revise such information.


Unless the terms of use for other services of the Company provide otherwise, the Company shall assume no responsibility for any incidents incurred by the Visitors and any third party during the use of this Website. No warranty of the currentness, accuracy, usefulness, fitness for a particular purpose, and functionality of this Website content and also the safeness thereof, including, without limitation, security against harmful programs such as computer viruses and other hazards is given by the Company. The Company shall in no event assume responsibility for damages arising out of any change in these Terms and from the suspension of this Website.

The Company shall not be responsible for any information furnished on and the functionality of any website to which the Visitor accesses through hyperlinks provided on this Website other than this Website. The provision of hyperlinks on this Website does not necessarily mean that the Company has any relationship with the hyperlinked persons or entities as subsidiaries or business partners.

Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction

These Terms and this Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Company shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court with regard to any disputes arising in connection with these Terms and this Website.