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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Initiate Inc. ("Company") shall set forth and abide by the Privacy Policy as follows with regard to the handling of personal information obtained on the Company's website ("Website").

  1. For the purpose of the Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" means the personal information of an existing individual which may identify a specific individual from his or her name, birth date and other descriptions contained therein (including information which may be easily cross-checked with other information for identification of a specific individual).
  2. The Company shall use the Personal Information for the following purposes.
    1. Business operations of the Company
    2. Delivery of greeting notices etc. of the Company and provision of other information thereof
    3. Activities for recruiting staff members and other employees of the Company and management etc. of such activities
    4. Response to inquiries
    5. Any other purposes incidental to the preceding purposes
  3. The collection of the Personal Information shall be conducted in a lawful and fair manner, under prior agreement by the individual providing his or her personal information and upon prior notice or publication of the use purpose thereof as a general rule.
  4. The Personal Information collected in accordance with the preceding article shall be used within the scope of the purpose of collection thereof, and shall not be used for other purposes or provided to any third party without approval by the individual providing his or her personal information as a general rule.
  5. The Company shall maintain the accuracy of the Personal Information in light of the collection purpose thereof. In addition, the Company shall implement safety measures to prevent divulgence, detraction and falsification of the Personal Information.
  6. In the event of the requirement by an individual for disclosing, giving notice of the use purpose of, correcting, deleting, or suspending the use of, the Personal Information of such individual in the Company's possession, the Company shall treat such requirement in a proper manner.
  7. The Company may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, if necessary, and shall post such changes on this Website.